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John Saltas


Editor: Enrique Limón
Arts & Entertainment Editor: Scott Renshaw
Senior Staff Writer: Stephen Dark
Staff Writer: Dylan Woolf Harris
Music Editor: Randy Harward
Copy Editor: Andrea Harvey
Proofreaders: Lance Gudmundsen Sarah Arnoff
All other freelancers, columnists and comics:


Art Director: Derek Carlisle Assistant Production Manager: Brian Plummer

Graphic Artists:
Cait Lee
Summer Montgomery
Josh Scheuerman


Associate Business Manager: Paula Saltas
Business Dept Admin: Alissa Dimick
Office Administrator: Nicole Enright
Technical Director: Bryan Mannos
Developer: Bryan Bale


Marketing Manager: Jackie Briggs


Circulation Manager: Larry Carter


Director of Advertising, Magazine Division: Jennifer Van Grevenhof
Director of Advertising, Newsprint Division: Pete Saltas
Digital Operations Manager: Anna Papadakis
Director of Digital Development: Christian Priskos
Digital Sales: Juan Sanchez
Mikey Saltas
Senior Account Executives:
Doug Kruithof
Kathy Mueller

Retail Account Executives:
Jeremiah Smith
Paula Saltas
Lisa Dorelli
Sierra Sessions
Nick Sasich

National Advertising: VMG Advertising, 888-278-9866,

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